Research Plan:

We intend to conduct a survey research as well as an interview with an expert, SST's school counselor to find out the causes and effects of diminished face-to-face interaction on 30 teenagers or parents in Singapore.\


Surveys will be sent via email to teenagers in Singapore like friends of SST students that are not from SST, or even relative's views. For the interview, we intend to interview SST's school counselor by maybe, sending him emails with our interview questions and survey questions to share his views of lack of human interaction.

Research Schedule:

T1Task to be completedRemarks
W4Research plan and literature reviewDone
W5Survey and interview questions.Done
W6Data collection and research methodologies. presentation of data.Done
W7Feedback for research methodologies.Done
W8Interpretation of data.Done
W9Concluding report.Done
W10Concluding report.Done
W1Revision and submission of E-portfolioOngoing
W2Individual reflections and peer assessmentOngoing

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