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Survey Responses
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Counsellor’s Responses:

1. Do you think advances in technology has affected the way people interact with each other? Why?
Yes: we have lost the human voice. The Internet was less useful than face-to-face communication for building relationships and increasing emotional closeness with others. Online social networks are a great example of the type of public venue where people play up the positive and hide the negative.
No: It has the ability to bring meaningful friendships to people who might otherwise be shunned as outcasts and have no voice.

2.What age group do you think this situation (the lack of human interaction) affects and applies to the most?
Age from 13 >

3. Have you witnessed any side effects of the lack of human interaction among youths?

4. What do you suggest can be done to improve this current situation?
No reply.
5. Do you think interacting online has become a common trend nowadays?
No reply.
6. Why do you think people prefer to communicate online than face to face?
No reply.
7. Do you think online interaction would affect the relationships people have with their friends and family members?
To some extend as youths prefer communicate on line thus making communication with a face to face person remote.

The internet is often used to express unexplored aspects of the self and to create a virtual persona.
Cyberspace becomes a place to “act out” unresolved conflicts, to play and
replay difficulties, to work on significant personal issues. We need to understand that cyberspace/cell phone opens the possibility for identity play, problem is its a very serious play.

8. Do you think you have become more reliant on technology to communicate? Does this situation affect you in any way?

Yes. It affects me as whether you go technology accompanies you. Its your personal prowler.

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